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Things You Can Do

Creating a EXE game

To make a EXE game first you make your game in compass,then you follow the instructions below...

  1. Download the Compass EXE pack (from the website)
  2. Click on the start menu
  3. Open the program Run
  4. Type in iExpress
  5. Select Create New Self Extraction Directive File
  6. Select Extract Files and Run an instillation Command
  7. Does not matter
  8. No Prompt
  9. Do Not Display A licence
  10. Extract Compass EXE pack and load all of the files into Iexpress DO NOT CLICK NEXT
  11. Load your project into Iexpress Now Click next
  12. type Scratch.exe "Compass.image" presentation ""  into the top box replace "" with "" (Keep the quotes)
  13. Hidden
  14. No message
  15. Select where you want to save the EXE file also check both boxes
  16. No restart
  17. Don`t Save
  18. Click next a file should open up wait for it to finish and then click finish. The EXE file should save whare you selected it in step 15.

Professionally Downloading Compass

  1. Download Compass
  2. Extract the folder
  3. Save the file in C:\Program Files .
  4. Open the Compass folder. Then create a shortcut of Compass.EXE
  5. Move the shortcut to the desktop copy it
  6. Open the start menu
  7. enter run and press enter
  8. type in "%appdata%" and press enter
  9. Find microsoft and open it
  10. Find windows and open it
  11. Find Start Menu and open it
  12. Open the folder programs
  13. Paste another shortcut there

Making a CD-ROM that your friends can play(Without installing Compass)

  • Create a game in Compass
  • Convert to EXE
  • Make a new folder
  • Put the EXE file in it
  • Open up notepad
  • Type:
  • Save it in that folder and call autorun.inf
  • Put in a blank disk and burn those files to the disk
  • Congratulations! You made a CD-ROM Give it to your friends and when they put it in their computer they will be able to run your project.
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